1 - Download the viewer of your choice, we recommend Firestom: DOWNLOAD.
2 - After downloading and installing, go to "Viewer" and then "Preferences" or (CTRL + P).
3 - Select the "Opensim" tab, if you do not have this tab go to the page and choose the option "For SL & Opensim".
4 - Then in the field of "Add new grid" put the URI ->
5 - Click "Apply" and then "OK".

6 - Once you have created the avatar account in the page, enter your fist and last name in the field, your password and part of "Grid" select "AviWorlds".

7 - if the "GRID" option does not appear to select the desired grid. Go to "Preferences" tab "Advanced" and check the "Allow login to other grids" option, as show below: