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Learn how to build using the easy to use viewer . Do not be affriad you will find that you will start learning how to build and do more advnced things with the in world scripting engine.

Meet New People

Meet new people and make new relationships. In our world you can be anyone you want to be, and meet like minded people.


Create anything you can imagine. Here you can create anything from a garden to a huge scifi world.

Some Of Our Advanced Features

Offline Message To Email

Hypergrid Enabled


Powerful User Panel

Life Like Physics UBODE

Classifieds and Search

Hourly Backups

Login URL localhost:8002

Hosted Regions

For stability all regions (Land) is hosted on SkyLifeGrid Servers. We rent land at exceptionaly low costs.


A friendly Community just wainting for you. Become part of our community of friendly adventures like you.



We have many place to shop. All our items are resident created and some offer work on commision. Tons of free stuff to help you on your way.


Come join us in one of the many night clubs for fun, dancing, music, and parties.  Or if you are a artist create your own club for events.

Are you ready to start your journey?